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The History of Pralinés

The History of Pralinés

A box of chocolates with a prestigious past makes the perfect present.

Delicate pralinés are a sophisticated addition to any holiday gathering— and these hand-finished jewels taste even better than they look. Here are a few fun facts about this delicious treat:

  • The praliné origin story begins in 17th century France in the court of King Louis XIV. It was here that the first pralines were created, beginning as whole almonds covered in caramelized sugar that were then ground into a powder called pralin for use in pastries and ice creams. Once the mixture was blended and combined with chocolate, the modern bite-sized praliné was born.
  • Designed by Lindt Maître Chocolatiers, each praliné is finished by hand.
  • Lindt’s pralinés come in flavours inspired by classic desserts like crème brûlée and millefeuille, and Lindt’s smooth chocolate texture is essential in achieving the delicate glaze and glossy sheen.