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The History of Giving Chocolate at Christmas

The History of Giving Chocolate at Christmas

Lindt has always been the perfect gift for the holidays.

Christmas Past

Chocolate and Christmas have a long history, and Lindt has played a significant part of this tradition. In the late 1800s, Lindt chocolate bars were wrapped in festive labels for Christmas, and in the early 1930s, when seasonal specialties were becoming more popular, figurines such as Christmas chocolate Santas and elves were made especially for children. This vintage ad (below), created by artists to decorate Lindt Chocolate Shops, captures the magic of giving Lindt and our Christmas chocolate boxes for the holidays.

Christmas Present

From stocking stuffer to present topper, the charming Lindt Teddies do it all. Plus, they’re made of the finest milk chocolate so they’re delicious and decorative. No wonder more than 60 million are sold worldwide every year.

Lindt Teddy 100g
The original Lindt Teddy (which debuted in 2011) comes carefully wrapped in shiny gold foil, and has a heart pendant fastened to its red ribbon collar.

Teddy Pullover 200g
Who doesn’t love a Christmas sweater? In 2017, the Lindt Teddy added to its wardrobe, and changed into a cozy red knit that matches its red collar.

Lindt Girl Teddy 100g
Meet this year’s newest Lindt Teddy, dressed in a fur-trimmed pink pullover—it makes a sweet gift for anyone who loves the blush shade.