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For Your Mantelpiece

For Your Mantelpiece

A bent-twig garland goes from plain to memorable if you add Lindor truffles, decorative letters and some festive flair

  1. Select different sizes of metal or wooden N, E and L letter shapes. A wide range of these is typically available at a large craft store.
  2. Select a craft-store twig wreath for the “O.” Make sure it’s in the right proportion to the letters.
  3. Take 12 to 15 Lindor truffles (pictured here: Straciatella in the blue wrapper; Sea Salt Milk Chocolate in the green; White Chocolate in the gold). Tie the truffles with clear fishing wire. Clip any loose ends of fishing wire. Embellish the wreath with artificial berries.
  4. Arrange the letters on a mantel or shelf to spell N-O-E-L.
  5. Decorate the shelf with ribbon, candles and ornaments as desired.

Nice touch: Use your favourite flavours of velvety Lindor truffles on your garland.