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The History of Lindor

The History of Lindor

Smooth, creamy and irresistible Lindor Chocolate Truffles come with a fascinating past.

The iconic Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffle in its shiny red wrapper is a classic Swiss treat loved all over the world. Lindt Maître Chocolatiers first created the smooth-melting chocolate in a bar format exclusively for Christmas in 1949. When it disappeared from store shelves in early 1950, Swiss chocolate lovers despaired. “Why limit this indulgence only to Christmas?” they wanted to know. So, in response, Lindt Maître Chocolatiers reintroduced the original, plus additional chocolate creations throughout the year. The name, Lindor, is a portmanteau of Lindt plus or, the French word for “gold.” The Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffle’s festive red foil wrap makes it a natural for holiday celebrations and decorations, but this treasure was meant to be savoured year-round. Here’s a sample of Lindor’s rich history.


The Lindt Invention
Rodolphe Lindt discovers the distinctive conching method of stirring, mixing and aerating melted chocolate. This unique process is what will one day give Lindor its deliciously smooth, melting texture.


Lindor First Appears
Lindt’s Maître Chocolatiers develop the iconic Lindor recipe that is now so popular. The first Lindor was created as a chocolate bar (not as a Lindor Chocolate Truffle), and the smooth, creamy filling was an instant hit.

Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles


A Chocolate Star is Born
The first Lindor Chocolate Truffles are released as a tasty Christmas treat, which also double as a festive holiday decoration. Their shiny red wrapping made them an immediate holiday favourite.


A Modern-Day Classic
Today, Lindor is one of the world’s most popular chocolate brands. Find it in dozens of delicious flavours and three distinctive formats – truffles, sticks and bars.