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Lindor-Filled Christmas Trees
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Lindor-Filled Christmas Trees

A sweet surprise awaits inside these miniature trees.


  • Printed templates
  • Removable tape or any removable adhesive
  • Green card stock paper
  • Utility knife or precision scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paper glue
  • 1 Lindor Chocolate Truffle per tree (we used Candy Cane)
  • Hole punch and star punch (optional)
  • Coloured paper for tree decorations (optional; we used white, red and metallic gold)


  1. Print template and lightly affix with removable tape to green card stock (you will be removing the template afterward).
  2. Cut along the template’s solid lines with a sharp utility knife using a ruler as a straight edge (if needed). Score along the dotted lines. Remove the printed template. Fold the paper on the scored lines.
  3. Place a small dot of paper glue along the folded edges and join the tabs to their adjacent panel. If desired, decorate the tree by using a hole punch and star punch to make decorations out of the coloured paper and gluing them to the tree.
  4. Place 1 Lindor Chocolate Truffle inside each tree (through the hole in the underside) for a chocolatey surprise.

Tip: Add a name tag to the trees and use them as festive place cards.