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How to Make a Lindor Wreath

How to Make a Lindor Wreath

This squared-off beauty is a contemporary take on a classic round garland

  1. Order a 15” square-shaped wreath at your local florist or gardening store.
  2. For the interior wreath, you will need an approximately 6” circular wire frame and 60 Lindor truffles (Milk Chocolate in red wrapper).
  3. Using a glue gun, affix five to six truffles together, then attach with invisible fishing wire to the circular frame. Continue until the frame is covered.
  4. As you proceed, periodically check that the Lindor wreath does not get too wide to fit inside the square wreath.
  5. Once the entire Lindor wreath is completed, set inside garland wreath and affix together with a large red ribbon, tying a bow at the top.
  6. Hang your creation on an over-mounted door hook.

Nice touch: Use your favourite flavours of velvety chocolate Lindor balls on garland.

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