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Tips for Throwing a Cookie Exchange

Tips for Throwing a Cookie Exchange

Need some holiday baking inspiration? Find your new favourite recipe while prepping for the busy season ahead by trading baked goods.

Celebrate with friends (and lighten your holiday workload—bonus!) by inviting everyone over for a sweet swap. Here’s your to-do list:


Assign each guest a recipe

Two to three weeks in advance so they have plenty of time to prepare. Need ideas? Some of our swap-worthy favourites include Lindt Mint Chocolate Shortbread TreesLindt Dark Chocolate Pecan & Cranberry Oat Bars and Lindor Chocolate Chip Cookie Cups


Prep your swap space

On the day of, cover a large table or island with serving trays or brown paper for everyone to lay out their goodies. Create labels for each, or write the name of each person and cookie directly on the brown paper, and assemble parchment paper and boxes or tins to help divvy up everyone’s take-home treats.


Plan your menu

Set up a coffee and tea station complete with chocolate-dipped spoons, and other treats for easy refreshments. Or create a wine and chocolate pairing station, with snacks that go well with both.